Ted Cruz at RedState Atlanta

The following are pictures that I personally took with my phone while in attendance at RedState in Atlanta, GA last year (August 2015). It was an indescribably awesome event, and I can’t explain how awesome it was to see and hear Ted Cruz in person for the very first time. I know people always hate me to say stuff like this, but it’s what I really think – Cruz is an awesome fighter for the things that God cares about, and I think all the opposition Cruz has seen from religious circles is either because very few people know God, or at the very least, very few people have seen a deep revelation of what God cares about. It’s time the church rises up and blesses this godly servant for fighting against the elephant that has been sitting in the room that no preacher had to guts to say anything about. Hope you enjoy these pics of Ted Cruz at RedState Atlanta!!

UPDATE: I added 6 short videos of Cruz interacting with the crowd!

Ted Cruz at RedState Atlanta (August 2015)