Spirit of Antichrist as Insane Accusations and Malevolence

The Spirit of Antichrist as Insane Accusations and Malevolence

Spirit of antichrist: insane accusations and malevolence

What better place to look than king Saul, a true type of the antichrist.

Saul was obsessed with hating the guy who did the most good for him, who loved him, who sacrificed for him. Saul called David a “son of perverse rebelliousness” (1 Sam 20:30) and even a “son of death” (1 Sam 20:31)!

David, always a clever one (remember Christ’s advice to be “wise as serpents” [Matt 10:16]?), found his opportunity to mock the insanity when he captured Saul’s sword and water vessel, and yelled out as much, calling Saul’s guards “sons of death” for allowing such an easily preventable episode to occur (1 Sam 26:16).

But it gets worse. David and his men were called upon to deliver the Israeli city of Keilah from the Philistines, which they did. And in return what do they get? The city intends to capture David and hand him over to Saul to be killed (1 Sam 23:1-5, 12). If showing forgiveness and love in the face of evil is the spirit of Christ, then showing malevolence and murder in the face of sacrifice is the spirit of antichrist.

And now for some good. Jonathan, the one which had a lifelong friendship with David, came and “strengthened [David’s] hand in God” (that is to say, in this case, told him he believed God was going to make him king; 1 Sam 23:16-17). Friendship and praise, when you have been wrongly targeted, means so much.

Right in here is also the story of Nabal and Abigail. Nabal exhibits the disinterest and insolence towards the cause of righteousness that is so common in some holiness churches: he looked down on David as merely an unworthy rebel who had “broken away from [his] master” (1 Sam 25:10), and therefore was undeserving of basic human necessities such as a little food and drink while on the run for his very life! Some churches have a downright antichrist fealty to any wicked leader that may come along, but a godly or half way decent ruler drives them up the wall. Go figure.

But Abigail wouldn’t have the nonsense. Nor was she one to run everything by her husband if she knew something was right and he wouldn’t approve. She got the provisions so needed by David and his men/animals, and didn’t bother checking with hubby first (1 Sam 25:19). She even called him a “stupid idiot” (1 Sam 25:25 – “as his name is, so is he. ‘Fool’ is his name, and stupidity is with him”)! How could she do that? Because the shoe fit and the application fit. If you call everyone names if the shoe fits, you’ve missed the point. Generally you never call someone a name, but this case needed it. Nabal was a jerk, and needed to be called out on it. She wasn’t name calling at him for not being “sinless” but for his sour attitude towards David’s need.

And so there you have it. We’ll never have revival until we in America stop treating the best among us like trash. The Ted Cruzes. The kind conservatives. The ones that sacrifice to try to preserve doctrines like grace in an increasingly legal and unfriendly world. The soldiers and policemen who give sometimes their very lives to try to hold the world together and protect our lives and freedoms. These are the ones that understand what friendship is.

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