Amos Couldn't Be Bought Off by King Amaziah

Public Speaking

Public speaking on various topics, including the Gospel, conservatism, and theology.

Against Antichrist & For Conservatism I

Examines current attitudes seen in many churches that inhibit conservatism. Looks at definitions provided in Psalm 35 as to what the spirit of antichrist looks like. Considers how the “silver lining on the antichrist cloud” is that many times we see real revival afterwards.

Against Antichrist & For Conservatism II

Scrutinizes commonly advanced ideas in church that tend to stifle conservatism or being passionate about any cause. Looks at inconsistencies created when the church embraces the spirit of antichrist. Concludes by considering many ways we as Christians can help fulfill 2 Thessalonians 2:6-7 and act as a “restraining influence” and as “salt and light” to fight against the advance of the spirit of antichrist.